Consider Invisalign to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted–without braces! Cranford Orthodontics is proud to be the largest Invisalign Provider in the Tri-State area and has been consistently an ELITE Premier Provider since the beginning of Invisalign. As the Largest Invisalign Provider in the Region and the Top 1% Diamond Plus Premier Invisalign Provider Nationwide, we have treated over 5000 Invisalign patients! Our practice leads the way in Invisalign Clear Aligner Treatment and Dr. Gersch is a nationally recognized speaker for Invisalign and the Director of the Invisalign Program at the NYU College of Dentistry. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our doctors to determine if Invisalign is right for you! 

For All Ages

Adult Invisalign

Invisalign is the modern way to straighten teeth with customized, clear aligner trays using 3D digital imaging technology. Invisalign is a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing. So you can smile more during treatment as well as after! Aside from the discreet look of Invisalign, you can remove the trays when eating and brushing your teeth. That means little to no disruption to your life!

Invisalign Teen

Bummed out about having braces?! Invisalign Teen gives you a whole new way to straighten your teeth for a “clearly” amazing smile!

As a teenager, you’ve got a pretty active life… Invisalign Teen is carefully crafted for teenagers to make sure orthodontic treatment doesn’t interfere with their life. Invisalign Teen aligners are perfect for your lifestyle: Clear, Comfortable, Removable and Customized Just For YOU! They fit in with any of your extracurricular activities. So whether you’re swimming the 50-meter race, throwing the football out on the field, or playing the clarinet with the school band, you don’t have to worry about braces getting in the way! And unlike traditional metal braces, your Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, which means you can go ahead and eat all the things you love without worrying about breaking a bracket or losing a rubber band. Cheers!

Invisalign First
As a child grows, their smile grows with them. And even with baby teeth, it may be the perfect time for children ages 6 to 10 to start orthodontic treatment. At this stage, we can see issues that may need early intervention to address a developing problem, such as crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches. We know parenting is busy, but Invisalign First makes treatment easy. Invisalign First aligners are removable for easy hygiene, making it easier for growing children to brush and floss. Invisalign First aligners are comfortable, which means no discomfort from rubbing brackets or poking wires, and less emergencies!

See How Easy It Is

Life with Invisalign and
Other Questions

Will Invisalign Fit My Lifestyle?

Pizza, Popcorn…no Problem! You’ve probably heard from friends with braces that you won’t be able to eat anything. With Invisalign you can eat whatever you want! Unlike traditional metal braces, your Invisalign aligners are removable, which means you can go ahead and eat all the things you love without worrying about breaking a bracket! And you can brush and floss regularly and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Special night out…go ahead! While it’s important to wear your Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours each day for them to straighten your teeth, they are removable, so you can occasionally remove your aligners to enjoy that date night, work event, and special occasion!

How Does it Work?

Invisalign aligners are made using advanced 3D computer imaging technology–that means NO GOOPY IMPRESSIONS! To get started is as simple as taking a digital image of your teeth using our iTero digital scanner. The 3D imaging tool allows us to create your complete treatment plan, from the initial position of your teeth to the final desired position. Then, a series of clear aligners are custom-made for your teeth–and your teeth only–to move them little by little. Each aligner is worn for a prescribed amount of time before being replaced by the next in the series, until the final position of your teeth is achieved. Drs. Gersch and Dr. Rossignol will determine your Invisalign treatment time based on your specific needs.

How Often Are My Visits?

We know your time is valuable; Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth with fewer office visits. Since Invisalign aligners are a series of trays, we can schedule your visits further apart, so you may only need to come into the office a few times during the entire course of your treatment.

Can’t I Get Invisalign Anywhere?

Invisalign is NOT a consumer product, it is a medical device that requires the watchful eye of an experienced orthodontist! And while other offices or clinics may offer “clear aligner” treatment, they are not providing the same level of care that you will receive at Cranford Orthodontics. Drs. Gersch and Dr. Rossignol are Invisalign VIP Diamond Plus Providers and in the Top 1% Nationwide. They have treated thousands of Invisalign patients, and as board-certified orthodontic specialists they have the extensive training required for complex and comprehensive orthodontic treatment planning. The difference between proper and improper orthodontic treatment is not only the appearance of your smile, but also the stability and longevity of your teeth. Orthodontics is healthcare, do not make your choice lightly!

How Much Does It Cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of your Invisalign treatment: the extent of the issues you want corrected, the length of your treatment, and the specific treatment details prescribed by the doctor. Because we are Invisalign VIP Diamond Plus Providers, and treat thousands of Invisalign cases, we can extend special, discount pricing to our patients. So the cost of Invisalign is often the same or less than traditional braces! We also offer flexible payment plans; and if you have dental insurance that covers orthodontic treatment, it likely covers Invisalign treatment as well. Our insurance coordinator can verify the extent of coverage for your treatment and will file your benefit on your behalf.

How Do I Clean My Invisalign?

Gently clean the aligners with cold or warm soapy water. After brushing your teeth, gently brush the inside of the aligners to remove any residual residues that might be in the aligners. However, try to avoid rubbing toothpaste or mouthwash on the aligners as that may cloud or discolor the aligners. Alternatively, you may soak the aligners in a cleaning crystal or tablet solution for about 3-5 minutes. Once this time is up, rinse the aligners and wear them as normal.

What If I Lose An Aligner?

Please notify our office if you lose or break an aligner (or an attachment). However, we do recommend that you save your previous aligners as you progress through your series of Invisalign aligner trays. If you lose your current aligner and do not have the next aligner set in the series, you may go back to a previous aligner set to maintain your alignment, until we can see you at the office.

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