Your First Visit

What to Expect

While visiting an orthodontist’s office for the first time might seem intimidating, at Cranford Orthodontics we make the process fun and easy! Our practice will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your orthodontic care is as rewarding as possible.

We look forward to seeing you!


Complimentary Initial

You’ll be welcomed by our team, introduced to our Board Certified Orthodontists, and given a tour of our office. During the initial examination, we may need to take digital photographs and digital radiographs in order to make a proper diagnosis and prepare your treatment plan.

Email & Text

We can send both email and text reminders for your upcoming appointment(s). Our practice will work with you to make sure that your appointments are as convenient as possible. When scheduling your appointments, please let us know which days and times work best for you. We also understand that “life happens”! If you’re running late or need to reschedule, please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Dr. Rossignol and Dr. Gersch will review your diagnostic records and discuss your individualized and unique treatment plan in our private consultation room. We will explain the treatment plan in detail, discussing specific areas of concern and expected treatment outcomes using digital simulations. We’ll take as much time as you need to answer all of your questions and work with you to determine the best treatment options for you. Our highly-trained Treatment Coordinator will then help guide you through the process of scheduling your next visit, financing your treatment, and preparing you for the exciting journey that awaits you! We invite you to review our Smile Gallery to see just a few of our many beautiful smile results!

Same Day Starts

We know your time is valuable, and we want to make your visit as efficient and as productive as possible! Once we’ve reviewed your treatment plan and addressed all your questions and concerns, we can often start your treatment that same visit! Orthodontic treatment is a journey and we will continue to see you at regularly scheduled intervals. 

During the course of your orthodontic treatment, it will be important that you continue to visit your family dentist at least once every six months for routine dental check-ups and cleanings. We will coordinate with your family dentist throughout your treatment, and you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best orthodontic care possible!

Finances and Insurance

Made affordable for you

Your smile is yours forever, and we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to receive the best orthodontic care whenever you need it!

We accept most major credit cards and insurance plans, and offer FLEXIBLE and AFFORDABLE payment options with Zero-Interest, In-House Financing.

  • Adjustable Down Payments that you can afford
  • Flexible Monthly Payment Plans that fit your budget
  • Variable Payment Periods that reduce your monthly payments

If you have orthodontic insurance, or believe you may have coverage, please be certain to inform our staff. We do participate with several dental plans and will do our best to make sure you get your full benefit. Even if we do not “participate” with your plan, you are often able to still get the full benefits from your plan. Our insurance specialist is always available to help you with insurance claims and will submit all insurance paperwork on your behalf. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage and treatment financing. 

Insurance FAQ

Will my dental plan insurance cover braces or Invisalign?

If you have orthodontic coverage, or believe you may have orthodontic coverage, we’ll verify your orthodontic insurance before beginning your new smile journey. We’ll file your benefit on your behalf and help maximize your benefit.


Many dental insurance plans offer an orthodontic supplemental benefit which would help cover the cost of orthodontics, including, Invisalign, metal or clear braces. Orthodontic insurance is a separate benefit within your dental insurance; and differs from regular dental insurance in that it is not 100% coverage and each insured individual has a lifetime maximum benefit for orthodontic services.

Does Invisalign or Invisalign teen cost more?

Not in our office! As the leading Invisalign provider in the region, we do not charge any more for Invisalign or Invisalign Teen than we do for braces. In some cases, it may even be less!

Can I see my flexible spending account (FSA) to pay treatment?

Orthodontic treatment almost always qualifies for FSA reimbursement. If your employer offers an FSA, let us know and we will verify your eligibility and help you get started.

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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